Thursday, November 10, 2016

shit's about to get real

Dear friends,
We are about to face a very difficult and dark future. In the very upcoming future, our voices will be ignored and dismissed, mocked and ridiculed, or silenced all together by any means necessary. Our resources and support systems will be cut off, our networks deemed unnecessary, unsavory, and undesirable.

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The relationships that government have with their people always resemble the parent / kid relationships. The government has an authoritarian position. Allegedly, it has more wisdom and experience to know what's best for you, it's supposed to lead by example, and to provide the basic necessary means for you to survive. And we, the people, always push back the way we push back against our parents. Sometimes that push is gentle and more of a conversation. Other times, we push harder. Sometimes our governments get abusive and beat us into submission and other times we say enough is enough and we stand our ground and beat them into a bloody pulp. Obviously, an ideal situation would be the one where both parties listen and respect each other but this isn't what's in store for us. We are about to get a very harsh dose of an evil stepmother.

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Well, guess what? This isn't a children's story and a fairy-godmother won't magically appear and save our asses. So it's time to make like Snow White an GTFO of the house and start taking care of our own shit. There is nobody can help us.

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You care about a cause? Well, it's gonna be up to you to keep it going now. There isn't going to be a far away omnipotent figure keeping Planned Parenthood afloat. It is now your job! And showing your support for it on social media won't be enough. You will have to actually give them money or get involved otherwise - like reach out and see how you could volunteer because without your support, they won't have a dime.

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You like arts and culture? Well, you are now the philanthropist supporting them. You are now to a local artist what that old rich blue-blooded lady is to Boston Ballet - a donor and a patron. Because guess what? This artist won't have health insurance now. They are not considered a contributing member of society anymore. They are entertainment of questionable value.


The time now is to be more than just vocal. We can't just sit there and express our displeasure while this government does away with what little progress we've made. It will be up to us to stand together and keep our communities and our values alive during this time. It will be up to us to protect our families, our friends, our lifestyles, our beliefs. The time is now! The time to get involved, reach out, donate, volunteer, support, attend, join, create, and stand your ground! Cause i don't know about you lot but

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