Friday, September 19, 2014

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Violence against women... This has been the talk of the media lately. It's proven to be a pretty touchy subject, where some people's opinions have definitely driven this woman to consider physical violence against them. I managed to restrain myself though, and unfortunately no misogynists were harmed in the making of this blog post. I have, however, been thinking a lot about some of my favorite moments in pop culture where victimized women were able to get their revenge. For this purpose I am making this list of my personal favorites:

1) Alabama vs. Virgil (True Romance)
This scene is probably my all-time favorite in this list because the initial power between characters is so uneven. Alabama isn't some spy or soldier or super hero. She is just a girl standing between a gangster and a suitcase of cocaine. The odds are so much against her that it seems completely crazy that she would win, which makes her victory just that much sweeter to me.

True Romance - You've Got A Lot Of Heart, Kid (HD) from K7vn on Vimeo.

2) "How sexy am I now?" by Mallory Knox (Natural Born Killers)
OK, so don't get me wrong, I do know that Mallory is a psychopathic serial killer; however, there is something deeply satisfying about how this whole encounter turned out for the lusty redneck.

3) Buffy finally kills Caleb (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
Oh Buffy, perhaps my favorite female hero of all times... This particular scene is towards the series finale. In this scene she finally defeats Caleb - arguably the shows most unpleasant villain (who ironically enough is portrayed by Nathan Fillion - one of the most likable actors ever). Caleb is a misogynistic preacher with evil super-powers who gets off on torturing and killing women on the basis of their being dirty. Real winner here folks. Prior to this awesome moment, Caleb has managed to beat Buffy, kill her protegees, and tear out her best friend's eye. Let's just say his demise couldn't come soon enough.

4)  Beatrix vs. Elle (Kill Bill Vol II)
By the way, I hope you understand that this isn't a rant against men on my part. I am equally pissed at women beating women as well. So Kill Bill is a story of a woman getting her revenge. Obviously it's filled with all sorts of awesome ass-kicking moments, but my favorite line of all is "Bitch, you don't have a future!" which Beatrix says to Elle. It's just so freaking poetic in its brevity.

5) Lisbeth Salander vs The Rapist (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo the original one, not the remake)
I won't include the video because frankly it's pretty long and without seeing the preceding rape scene is almost too gruesome. Long story short though, after being raped by her social worker, the protagonist decides to take revenge. She ties up the dude, performs a bit of penetration with a dildo, and tattoos the words "I am a sadistic rapist" on the his chest. And if this description makes you cringe, trust me, by that point in time you hate the guy so much, you cheer Lisbeth on in every one of the steps.

So yeah... I think these are my top 5 favorite moments when women in pop culture ended up overcoming their abusers. Obviously there are many more female characters that I am a fan of such as
Aeon Flux 
River Tam

Veronica Mars
As a finishing act, I will post a little reminder of why every girl who grew up in the 90s favors the words "suck my dick!" so much. This video doesn't really fit into the "women taking revenge" type category since the aggressor here falls under the category of being benevolent underneath it all, but the video is still inspiring despite the overall "meh" of the actual movie.

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