Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dear women, forgive me for I have failed...

Something happened with me today - something that hours later still has me filled with anger and regret. While waiting in line to get into the Mad Decent Block Party, I saw a guy wearing a shirt that said "Sober Bitches. Ain't Nobody Got Time For That". I am filled with incredible regret that I was so stunned by this shit that I didn't actually say anything to this asshole and let him disappear into the crowd. I mean what the actual fuck people? Where are we as society of humans that we tolerate this? This dude wasn't causing a riot. Everyone seemed completely ok with sharing their good times and space under the sun with this asshole. I keep thinking that as I was standing there in the crowd with other women who are smart, strong, driven, ambitious, caring, interesting, beautiful and so much more, and we've all just been reduced by some douche to "sober bitches" and apparently not worthy of his time. Oh, doI need to point out the obviously predatory nature of the statement. Is the dude preying on drunk inebriated women? How does this exist???
I have only one wish for this loser. I wish that these stupid words would somehow be tattooed on his forehead. I wish all women all the time everywhere would see what he really thinks of them. I wish that normal men everywhere would see what he thinks of women. I wish the people he works with, the people who serve him food, pump his gas, sell him groceries, and the doctors who treat him when he's sick knew what he thinks. I wish his mother and sisters if he had any would know what he thinks. And if you think that his shirt is funny, I wish for you to step forward. Don't be shy! We want to know, we have the right to know.
Ugh, somewhere there is another loser who thinks of these awesome little garment statements and then goes to mass produce them. Obviously it's a flourishing business. So here is my contribution. A line of shirts for predatory assholes everywhere:


I honestly just don't get it. Maybe the only logical explanation is that this dude is actually married and this garment was put on him by his wife as a form of a present day chastity belt. Because how could anyone ever get laid wearing this shirt? I guess maybe if he tries to only prey on women who are so drunk that they cannot read which in my opinion is basically the same as date rape...

Dear women everywhere, I am so deeply sorry that I let him escape into the crowd today without saying anything. I am sorry that I never got a chance to tell him all of this to his face. I am sorry that I never got to point out how obviously wrong this is to the rest of the people standing in the crowd. I am sorry that this loser didn't get his face beaten in. I am ashamed that I have failed you today, but I promise not to let this happen again. In the words of Mass transit police "If you see something, say something" and I swear to you that next time I will!